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Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy HealingWelcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

"It's My Life"


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ Janaury 10, 2017


Bon Jovi sang these words in the year 2000 and so did Eric Burdon and the Animals back in the 60's. Remember? We loved these songs and words then, as we love the freedom and the power of personal choice expressed in them today. It'! But then, let's face it-- to gain this benefit of personal choice, we must become conscious as to how it is we are choosing to live.

Many of us want more than the joys of the world that vary and are impermanent. We want more than an experience of love and friendship that is changeable; more than security based in things of the world which of themselves are oftentimes unreliable; and wellness too, that can be vulnerable and routinely impacted by illness, accidents or the effects of aging. We want more than the chaos and experience of lack, loss, suffering and death that we see in our world.

Let’s agree that to choose consciously and consistently for what it is we want, requires that we transform our negative and unproductive thinking so our thinking, speaking and doing is in alignment with our desires. We need to no longer think, speak and do what we say we no longer want. Is this a simple concept?  Yes. Is it what we commonly experience as “easy”?  No.

Without this effort, we are likely to function out of our habitual and oftentimes unconscious thinking and unresolved programming from our past. All this determines our mental, emotional and physical state of health and well-being and maintains our focus on physical life, veiling our awareness of our higher nature and of spiritual life. Coming into an awareness of ourselves as spirit is the only real answer to living beyond the constructs of this world.  And still, we need to decide how we want to live.

May I be of help? It’s important that we each find the approaches to transformation and the facilitators of this work who are a fit for us.  The healing practices I facilitate support your freedom from this struggle. Expanding our experience of freedom furthermore lifts our line-of-sight so as to enable a change of focus from ordinary seeking to the seeking of the spiritual.  It is the spiritual that provides the richness in how we are able to live.  In this there is much joy.