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Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy HealingWelcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Every Moment, A Moment for Peace


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ December 23, 2017


I've been reading and hearing in various places…as well as writing in my own holiday cards, that Christmas is the "time for peace", "the season of love", "a time for hope” and “a time for miracles”. Well it’s got me to thinking, and I’ve come back to the fact that every moment is a time for peace, love, hope and miracles. Christmas is not a special time, though it sure seems that it is a time many of us are more open to these expressions of our divine nature and to extend and share them with others.

There are other times as well when we more naturally feel and offer such expressions of love. We do this at weddings, funerals, the birth of a child, graduations and such. I would experience it again and again during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. I would remark to my friends about how open and loving the crowd seemed as we wandered the field in wonder of the shapes, colors and patterns of the balloons against the sky in all its varied colors and appearances. I know that for myself, I felt more open, free and in some form of childlike wonder amidst it all. 

My favorite was the “Balloon Glow” during which the balloons were tethered, and in unison the propane would be released into the envelopes of the balloons. Now, the balloons glowed against the night sky, and the crowd was warmed by their heat in the cold October evenings at 5,000 feet elevation. The balloons touching and bumping against each other, further formed a ceiling that enveloped the crowd within. Pure delight, joy and love. Miraculous, even, in its presentation and effects upon us.

There is no time for which to wait to experience this love. It is right here in the “eternal now” where we most readily can experience this love, peace and joy. It is what we are. It is what I am. It is what you are. While external events and calendar dates can enable us to experience this love, it’s source is simply our natural, eternal Self which is simply what we are.  

So, Christmas too, is a time to celebrate and to remember we each are the miracle and expression of God’s lavish and all sustaining love. It’s inherent in God’s creation of us. And God’s love, peace, joy and miracles are available in this ever eternal now. It’s truly here for us to experience in every moment we are willing to be present and open to receive.