It Means What It Says


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ September 8, 2019


It means what it says. This is true about a great many things. Because we lack understanding or a willingness to live in a completely unfamiliar paradigm, we do a variety of things. First, we may totally deny the statement or fact. Second, we quality what something really means or that it simply doesn’t apply to this situation or to ourselves. Perhaps, third, we give the statement an entirely different meaning from what the words clearly state.

What am I talking about? Here’s what comes to mind, to name a few:

1) “Ask and it is given.”

2) “God is the one power. “We are created in the image of God.”

3) “We are sustained by the love of God.” 

What is the meaning of these statements, given they mean what they say? Again, here's what comes to mind:

1) When we ask it is given. There is no time we need wait. It is given when we ask. Because we don’t believe this or it’s too much to accept, we put off receiving until a later time, do without and may even suffer in the meantime. Time being illusion, there is only the present now.  What is given has been given before we even thought to ask.  Even before the need or desire became apparent.

2) God is one power. There is nothing that has power that is outside of God. We, being created in God’s image, have that same power and nothing can possibly have power over us. Not, sickness, lack, fear, pain, disappointment, grief, loss, etc. These are all “outside of God” because God did not create them and hence, they can have no power. This only sounds like so much to accept because we don’t identify and live as a child of God. We’ve become trapped in the belief in and limitations we experience being in human form. We are spirit. The human experience is temporary, and many would say is simply illusion because what God created cannot be changed. We cannot make ourselves into something other than as God’s created.

3) God’s love is the one power – the one, all sustaining power. We cannot be sustained by pills, money, good nutrition, our jobs, personal power and influence, etc. While we many partake in all of these, our one source is God. Nothing more is required or contributes to our sustenance.

As we grow in spiritual experience, in awareness of the presence of God, and loosen our beliefs in the things of this world, we will grow in understanding of these concepts. Our thinking and our perceiving will evolve and our relationship with all we experience now will be nearer to life as God created it. It’s ours to live in awareness, love and joy. I believe God wills we experience these things now, not tomorrow, next year or in another life. God’s creation is here for us now.