Let's Talk: Personal Transformation


Sometimes We Just Need to Talk...and Be Heard


Receive clarity, insights and personal guidance as we talk together so you can come to a helpful perspective and a firm foundation for life change regarding your health, concerns, relationships or life situations that cause you stress and are using up your time and energy.

Most often, when one is ready to “sit down and talk about it”, your “answers” are ready to be discovered as well. If there are errors in your thinking and actions, they can become clear, so you are able to choose more productive thoughts and a course of action that will bring you peace, personal transformation and "all that you are seeking". Time and again, such conversation provides confirmation of the needed change that has already been in your awareness. Consulting with a skilled listener whose goal is to assist you, highlight where adjustments are needed, and to affirm your ability to make the change you desire, is of infinite value.

Our Tools Are

  • Your own self knowledge
  • The insights and answers that are waiting in you
  • Your willingness and determination to experience greater joy and health
  • Your readiness to know yourself
  • ​ Education and counseling.

Shiranda has a Masters Degree and formal background in counseling.