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Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy HealingWelcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Truth Shall Be Your Shield


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ September 20, 2019


Don’t you just love it when you read something you’ve read time and again and in another reading you have a stirring insight? I do. I had one this week.

I was reading in lessons from Christian Science and a phrase caught my attention. Actually, the source is Psalms. “He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shall thou trust, his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.” TRUTH shall be my protection! This morning I pondered it further after I read it still once again. 

Truth (Divine truth) is my safety because when my mind and all my thoughts are in line with the thoughts of God, I am in the awareness of God, of truth and perfect safety. In this focus, no other thoughts are occupying my mind. My mind is the creative source of all I experience and produces strictly according to my thought.  Within the mind of God there is no fear. This is a statement of the power of faith.

Void of fearful thoughts, anger, resentment, thoughts of lack, pain or sickness, my mind cannot produce these effects in my life, my body or my relationships. Joined in my mind with the thoughts of God, and only thoughts that reflect the love of God, I am safe. We each are safe and as I return my mind to God, I cease projecting harm on to you. It’s a perfect circle. My mind, to God and to you. Of course, it doesn’t start with my mind, but in experience, does start with my choice to join with God and with you. That’s the significance of “Choose once again” from “A Course in Miracles”. Such a choice does result in miracles.

One footnote. Truth must be truth according to God. What we too often call “our truth” most often is not truth. It is our perspective, our “take on things”, our experience and all we still believe. When “my truth” opposes another’s, it is not of God. It is merely a perspective that results from a projection, based on what we hold that is still unresolved and unhealed from our past. To me, we can be honest about what we think and feel but it is a mistake to clothe it as truth. Truth is a reflection of Divine love which extends itself and is therefore, everything. 

Truth cannot be changeable nor vary from one person to another.  All of truth is true or it is not truth. The truth of God, for sure, is our safety in every situation and God’s love makes us resourceful in our thinking and in all we need face. The love of God, indeed, may resolve situations so we simply need do nothing. The thought of truth; the thought of God being that mighty.