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Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy HealingWelcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Where Do You Put Your Faith?


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ February 17, 2019

Much has been written on faith and it may always be so. Faith is a key element in life.  It determines how we are able to live and how we evolve spiritually. It is through faith that we come into a greater awareness of ourselves in God. The nature of our faith is reflected in our world. 

We are told that with faith we are able to move mountains, to heal ourselves and to heal the sick in turn. With unyielding faith, it’s possible to receive all for which we have asked. In faith, we would know all we seek is ours and has already been given by our loving Creator who knew of our need and responded to it before we ever became aware of the need. Before the situation even occurred, all has been provided for us, just as a loving parent anticipates the need of a child and makes preparation, so the beloved child does not go without or suffer mishap. 

Faith duly relied upon would be all this and more. We would truly walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), certain all these things must come into physical sight by our faith alone. In all things we’d be guided to take any action required on our part. Peace would be ours throughout the day and through all circumstance. We are the beloved Son for whom every need is foreseen, and for which all is provided.

Faith is not something we have to learn to acquire. We already have an abundance of faith. Our problem lies in where we put our faith. Too often we have faith in things we truly do not want and that are apart from what God wills for us. 

As an example, many of us have faith in the flu virus and routinely prepare for it by washing our hands more regularly, getting extra sleep and even being vaccinated. We put our faith in sickness and a vaccine. If we become sick, we outline how long it’ll last, rather than have faith and ask for immediate healing by the power of God. 

Likewise, we may experience financial lack and not see a means to receive more money. We may therefore look ahead to a bill that is due and believe we will not have enough. We worry and feel fear because of our faith in lack. We project the present appearance of lack into the future, certain we will not have enough and thus, may likely block ourselves from the abundance that could show up to meet the future need. And so, it goes on infinitum. 

None the less serious is the faith we have in someone’s’ ill character, bad behavior or lack of consideration. We hold it against him or her today and expect the same tomorrow. With such strong faith in the negative we can hardly leave a space for that person to show up differently, and given they do, we may misperceive it entirely, seeing according to our past judgement and hurt. Sticking with this, we never have to forgive and choose to be loving. We might ask, “Whose issue is it anyway?” We do the same in how we judge ourselves. It is this that forgiveness erases and resolves.

I see myself in all I write. I always do. I will add that I had an experience years ago. I was “getting sick” and my thoughts went to a timeline of “how long it always takes me to get through” head and chest symptoms. However, this time, I said “No!” to that story and remarkably had a shorter experience of being sick. Honestly, I’ve experienced both brief and extended experiences with sickness since then.


I’ve had a similar experience with I would call “my back going out” and my past experiences of how long it had taken to get through it. By being willing to see things differently, I indeed, had a quicker recovery. These experiences give me hope for the ways in which I still struggle.

Whatever shows up today, we can choose to take it to a higher level and deny all God did not create and all which could not be a part of love. These include sickness, pain, lack, struggle, war, etc. God gave us power over all things in earth and sky. Why would we then choose to forfeit that power except by our unawareness and/or disbelief in the one reality that is God? Sickness, pain, lack, struggle, war…all these things have no power except by our faith mistakenly placed in them. We can instead put our faith in God and accept Divine help. We build faith in the good God wills for us and allow it to appear in our lives. We recognize God is the one power and place no Gods before him. 

Thankfully our present experiences are not static. By a change in belief and a practice that strengthens reliance in God and good, we can develop faith that transcends and carries us through all appearances of difficulty and fear. With such faith, there is nothing to fear

Once again it may seem foolish to think reliance on ideals can produce such miraculous results. In terms of the thinking of the world, it assuredly looks naive.  Regardless, we have to come to know with certainty, the power of our beliefs and the power of our belief in and reliance on God. I like what White Eagle tells us,  "However much you are tempted, hold fast to truth, and if men in the outer world sneer at you remember how ignorant the world is of spiritual life and power" ("Heal Thyself"; White Eagle).