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Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Welcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy HealingWelcome to Heal What Caused It Natural Energy Healing

Why Bother?


Shiranda Deerwoman ~ March 8, 2018

I’ve been enjoying the daily readings of Emmet Fox* in “Around the Year with Emmet Fox”. A recent morning reading amazed me because of the keenness of his message. He had been educating about the segments of The Lord’s Prayer and on this day—the 46th day—he associated our inability to manifest a specific desire with something we have not yet been willing to forgive. He simply stated that if we are unable to forgive, we’d have to wait for our demonstration until we can. He then added, that we would have to wait to finish the rest of the Lord’s Prayer until we can as well.

Wow! Like, if we’re not willing or able to forgive now, don’t bother with the rest of the prayer. Don’t bother with prayer and the rest of our spiritual practices because that’s how vital forgiveness is to our spiritual advancement. That was the idea.

So, I played with it. It sounded like this:

If we’re not willing to forgive ourselves, our beliefs and perceptions, our judgements and the stories we’ve made up about ourselves and our brothers, why bother with any thing else that we think of as helpful spiritually, or to be helpful in any way?


If we’re not willing to forgive our fears, our past mistakes, wrong doings and all we think our brothers have done to us-- and all we think we’ve done to them; why bother in any spiritual acts, affirmations or prayers that do not contribute to forgiveness?

If we’re not willing to forgive all our interpretations and all we’ve said about this group, that group or our political leaders, why bother period?

Forgiveness is the key to our happiness and to world transformation—the healing of the planet and of all who inhabit here. Without forgiveness nothing can change in any meaningful way. If change is not complete and inclusive of all aspects and for all “mankind”, it is not meaningful – not as it can be. Not as it “should” be.

We’re talking The Lord’s Prayer here. Remember that’s where we started. We’re talking ideals and the Will of God. And thus, forgiveness must be complete and for all God’s creation or else we’ve dissected it and have made it meaningless.


We want what forgiveness offers. We want to forgive and be fee. To be free of guilt and of all that would hold us longer in the past, cut off from the love, prosperity and the joy waiting for us in the present moment. The present is the experience – the reality that awaits us beyond forgiveness. I get that I do not yet understand the profundity of forgiving and of living in the present moment, and that I will, when I have forgiven all that is not a reflection of love. As we do forgive we will experience more and more freedom and joy.

“For thine is the kingdom" . . . .


*Emmet Fox (1886-1951) was a New Thought spiritual leader and author active with Divine Science in the early 20th century in New York City.